Acadia University Boarding Pass Program

The Acadia University Boarding Pass Program enables future students with the ability to participate in our campus visit program while reducing costs of travel. Students who come for a campus visit, and subsequently register and show up for classes, will be reimbursed for one way of their travel to Acadia's campus.

Boarding Pass Terms and Conditions

You must have booked and participated in a campus tour booked through Acadia’s Campus Visit Coordinator, or attended an Acadia on campus event booked through the Student Recruitment Office.

Only prospective undergraduate Acadia students are eligible for the refund (no third parties).

One refund per student only.

Students beginning studies at Acadia in the upcoming September must participate in a campus visit no later than August 15th to be eligible for the refund. Trips to Wolfville that take place after August 15th will not be reimbursed.

Refund is only valid for the date the tour took place.

Only new students who are registered and attending classes for the first time at Acadia University in September or January are eligible for this refund.

After enrolling at Acadia, original receipts must be submitted to the Campus Visit Coordinator to validate reimbursement (airline boarding pass and receipts) or gas, ferry or bus fare receipts).

Reimbursement will be credited to student's Acadia Student Account and applied toward their fees.

Offer is valid for transportation costs only (airline, ferry, bus or mileage for personal vehicle transportation).

Offer is not valid for first class or business fares for any mode of transportation and cannot be claimed for flights booked using rewards points or any other type of frequent flier program.

Offer does not include the charge for change of transportation.

This offer is only valid if the transportation ticket has been booked prior to 72 hours of departure date.

Mileage will be re-imbursed at a rate of $0.32/km.

To be eligible for the program, students must apply for their reimbursement before September 30th of their first year at Acadia.

To apply, please contact our Campus Visit Coordinator at