Information for Agents

Becoming an Agent

Acadia University works with numerous international student recruitment agencies around the globe for undergraduate and English language programs. We welcome the cultural, business and educational expertise that international agents offer to students who are interested in applying to Acadia.

Are you interested in becoming an international third-party student recruitment agent for Acadia? If so, please review our agent on-boarding process below:

  1. Prospective agencies are invited to complete the initial agency application via the link button below.
  2. The Acadia University Enrollment Services team will review all prospective agency applications in January, April and August of each calendar year.
  3. Agencies that meet Acadia’s initial screening processes (credential evaluation, reference checks, match) will be invited to an online interview.
  4. Agencies that successfully pass Acadia’s interview process will receive an in-person site visit by an Acadia enrollment services team member (if applicable).
  5. Agencies that successfully pass Acadia’s site-visit process will engage in contract negotiation procedures.
  6. Contracted agencies will receive in-depth training, access to Acadia’s agency portal and will receive supporting collateral as needed.

At minimum, Acadia University requires that prospective agencies provide the following checklist items to be invited to interview:

  1. Up-to-date membership in a professional educational agency organization such as ICEF or AIRC.
  2. Minimum of three professional references from Canadian educational institutions holding an active Designated Learning Institution Number issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  3. Estimates for prospective application and registrant numbers based on Acadia’s undergraduate program offerings. These estimates will be assessed through the SMART objectives (strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely).
  4. Up-to-date professional designation as a recognized Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA) would be considered a serious asset.
  5. If you have previously engaged with one of Acadia University’s enrollment services team members or affiliate agencies this may also be considered an asset. Please provide this information in the “additional information” section of the agency application.

We look forward to receiving your completed agency application. Should you have further questions, please contact one of the following individuals via email:

  • Anthony Adey, Director, Student Recruitment
  • Liam Dutton, Manager, International Student Recruitment
  • Sharon Churchill-Roe, Manager, English Language Centre –
  • TBA, Client Services Administrator

Contracted Agents

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